Land Lot on Housing 50 meters tour BNS
USD 111.111.111,00
EUR 99.206.349,11
Indonesia, Java Oriental, Batu, Not available.
Land Lot on Housing 50 meters tour BNS
Listing status: Active
Property type: Ranch
Property ID: 10109
Listing type: for sale
Built year: 2018

Our Lot Land is located in a crowded neighborhood, and Batu City tourist attractions are added with cool scenery and view of Malang City is suitable to build your dwelling or to invest for old age
3 MILLION MONEY can instantly select the blocks as you like ..
AJB Legality and SHM requirements are met
Only in PT. Wahana Indraloka Property
Excess of Our Lot:
* Back BNS Exactly
* Near madrasah Aliyah Ma'arif & SMK Ma'arif Campus 2
* 3 minutes to jatimpark 2
* 3 minutes to Baptist Hospital
* Close to Batu Tourism City
1. Coban Rais
2. Coban Princess
3. Equestrian Tourism
4. Jalibar Cross Motor Circuit
5. Jatimpark 3
Facilities that can be:
¤ Free Ajb An.Buyer
¤ Free Sales Tax Buy SHM requirements equipped
¤ Free Street Paving 5 M
¤ Without Interest, Fines, Sita and Riba
Secure your lot now, the more delayed the price increases.
100% Trust Certificate NO PROBLEMS!
CP Ganges 081357426592
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