Dahir Real Estate Sales Farm 10 hectares Sauzal bonito Añelo
USD 111.111.111,00
EUR 103.333.333,23
Argentina, Neuquen, Sauzal bonito Añelo, Not available.
Dahir Real Estate Sales Farm 10 hectares Sauzal bonito Añelo
Listing status: Active
Property type: Tic
Property ID: 10299
Listing type: for sale
Built year: 2018

Sale of Field / Farm or Fifth House in Paraje Sauzal Bonito. Route Prov. Nro. 17 to 48 km from Añelo and 42 km from Cutral Co (Neuquén). The lot is located on the main street of Paraje Sauzal Bonito. They are 10 ha. that has a comfortable home. A part of the land is paired where pastures have been made. Another wooded sector. There are plants of Plums, Menbrillos, Cherries. Perimetral delimitation with wiring and secure gate on your forehead that is the entrance of the farm with pines on its sides. Very special and particular microclimate for not being too cold in winter or very hot in summer. It is the IDEAL place to have your own space surrounded by nature, peace and tranquility. Zone very close to the oil areas of Vaca Muerta, Cutral Co and Plaza Huincul. Services: Drinking Water and Electric Power. Transfers accepted (department, vehicle Model 2015 onwards) .-

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