EUR 16.000.000,00
USD 17.920.000,00
GREECE, Not available.
Listing status: Active
Property type: Apartment
Property ID: 9847
Listing type: for sale
Built year: 1900

just in front of the sea and probably by the German architect Ernst Moritz Theodor Ziller. The whole atmosphere is really magnificent and the interior has high ceilings (5,70m) and an amazing decoration. It’s a luxury and fully renovated house. All furniture are authentic antiques of the period LOUIS XV, LOUIS XVI, NAPOLEON III, RENAISSANCE & CHINESE .
The chateau is also steeped in History as it was the military headquarters of the Italian troops who invaded Greece (1941-1943) during World War II .
It was also one of the summer residence of King Georges I of Greece .
Due to its outstanding architectural and historical value this breathtaking beachfront Masterpiece is part of our Greek history and easily could get the status of MONUMENT .
Easily you understand why the property itself ensures an important goodwill through time .
Right in the heart of the Ancient Greek Civilization and in the middle of a picturesque gulf blessed by the Greek Gods the gifted location of this unique beachfront estate doesn’t offer 1 of the most beautiful sunsets in the world only, a mild four season Mediterranean climate and a breath away from the unique in Europe pine tree forest by the sandy beachfront. In fact you will be fortunate in having neighbors Her Majesty Princess Lalla Salma Bennani, wife of Morocco’s King Mohammed VI, Russian oligarchs and the Qatar Royal Family soon .
This stunning tresor has a great potential as this imposing environment of unique luxury and high aesthetics in the area can be used as residential, commercial, or even both providing the ideal setting for the luxury that each and every one of us deserves .
This is by far 1 of the finest and most coveted beachfront property all over Greece but for sure the ONLY 1 OF ITS KIND in the country. Once on the spot you will realize why this inestimable and priceless STATUS SYMBOL estate is truly a TOP-END INVESTMENT .
. As you can see ... the location doesn’t offer One of the most beautiful sunset in the world only but an inspiring, breathtaking and deeply romantic scenery Too



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